Creativity & Artist

In this section of my writing I am going to make you feel the difference between Creativity and an Artist. Creativity, the word itself is loud and clear. It simply means to Create, it can be anything. The source of creation is your beautiful heart and mind. For example, imagine you are sitting somewhere, may be at your home, sea beach, office, restaurant etc. and thinking about your life or about that particular day or about anything. A number of thoughts in the form of visuals will come into your mind. Then, a feeling comes from within to create the same on a piece of paper. You start sketching as guided by your mind, may be meaningful, may be meaningless. After few minutes when you are mid-way in creating your thoughts a sense of realisation, feeling of satisfaction, a pleasant smile will be there on your face. Keep moving ahead. There are high chances that whatever you have created or painted will appear meaningless to many people out there, its obvious because you are the creator of this piece and not they, it was you whose thought process, heart and mind was involved and not theirs, its you who has picturised his/her thoughts on paper and not they. This is what Creativity is all about. “Being creative is merely the game of heart, mind and soul. The one who understood this is creative, while others are not.”

An Artist is someone who masters this art of creativity, not every artist you meet is creative. Some believe in live creation of objects, landscapes etc, some try to recreate what other renouned artists have already created. Artists they create something and then try to give life to it with the help of colors and brush strokes whereas a creative human creates and paint his/her thoughts, visuals, anything on paper. Being an Artist is the matter of respect, not everyone has the ability and courage to be one. Many a times people around you ask questions “Did you copy this one from somewhere? At times they also say, its easy to copy and paint something, what’s the big deal in it.” But, when it comes to copy something, they fail. You know why?? Because many of them out there do not understand that copying is also an Art, not everyone in this world has this ability within himself. Its the most difficult way an artist try to paint and create something. If he is trying to copy and paint any object, landscape, abstract etc. he/she will have to be very precise with the shapes, structures, colors, color mixing etc etc. or else he will end up painting something different and new, a creative one.

“To be Creative, its not necessary that you have to be an Artist, but, an Artist can be creative, can be anything he wants.”